Lafayette’s Jewish Studies Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining the many facets of Jewish civilization, including its history, religion, politics, and literature, from ancient times through present in both Western and non-Western societies.

Students concentrating on Jewish Studies may take courses in the departments of English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Government and Law, History, Religious Studies and other disciplines.

Lafayette College offers a 5-course minor in Jewish Studies. Interested students might design a major in Jewish Studies, including independent study work and a two-semester senior thesis. Moreover, students may supplement their Jewish Studies at Lafayette by taking courses in neighboring institutions such as Lehigh University and Muhlenberg College, institutions with which Lafayette is linked through the Berman Center for Jewish Studies and through the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges.

Supplementing classroom work at Lafayette are several interim sessions directed by Lafayette faculty, a rich program of sponsored lectures by prominent speakers, and diverse programs in other institutions in the Israel, Europe, and the United States.


The Minor in Jewish Studies consists of 5 approved courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences taken from at least three departments. All Jewish Studies minors must take Religious Studies 213 (Judaism). No more than 2 courses in Hebrew may be applied toward the minor requirements, both of which must be on the intermediate level (Hebrew 111-112). The Major consist of 10 courses and may include two-semester Senior Thesis.

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